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Ali Kazempour is a professional IT expert, cybersecurity consultant, software developer, and creative futuristic startup project manager that establish the future BigTech's and integrate its infrastructure through the IT industry and artificial intelligence. He create new Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence (AI) and associated areas, project for the first time, to reconstruct emotion and feeling
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Ali is a self-taught, entrepreneurial-minded professional with the proven ability to brainstorm creative new ideas and solutions, design and develop cutting-edge systems and businesses, and generate tremendous results. Also, He is a freelance creative namer and name consultant with extensive and varied experience in all aspects of brand naming and commercial language development. I create long lists of great name ideas and tag lines for new products, companies, services, and campaigns. Strong skills and experience in information technology, Ai, cybersecurity, e-commerce,project management, and internet consulting. enjoys creating simple, elegant solutions to challenging software and business problems in the technology environment.